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5 Tips for Photographing a Happy Baby

You’ve tried everything to capture those cute dimples and chubby cheeks in a picture, but your baby seems allergic to the camera. As soon as your phone or lens goes in front of their face, their smile turns upside down and they cry or stare in disapproval. Ever wonder how photographers do it?

A few simple tricks can make the difference:

  1. Choose a time when baby will be well-rested. Tiredness is the No. 1 reason behind sad-faced baby photos. Maybe they were cooing happily a second ago, but new parents know that the mood can shift like the wind if it’s getting near naptime or bedtime. When does your baby seem happiest? For my daughter, it’s in the morning, but your baby might be a night owl — choose the time that’s right for you!

  2. Make sure baby is full and dry. This might seem like a no-brainer, but full tummies = content babies. And if the changing table is a place of struggle for your newborn or crawler, stopping for a diaper change can mean the end of a photoshoot.

  3. Ensure you have adequate lighting. Babies are innately wiggly, so it can be hard to capture a crisp picture as they turn their head and arch their back. A brightly lit room enables your camera to capture more light with a faster shutter speed, reducing blurriness. Diffused light, such as a bright but overcast day, is best because it won’t cast shadows.

  4. Keep it familiar. When you are in an unfamiliar situation or a new place, are you super comfortable? Baby won’t be either! This is the foundation of why I prefer non-studio photography. Baby will be most comfortable in a familiar environment (which can mean outside, if they enjoy the outdoors!). More comfort means a more naturally happy baby — it’s as simple as that.

  5. Keep it real. Yes, the elastic fox tail and knit cap are cute. Yes, baby is cute in them. But is that really how you want to remember your little one’s first days? Maybe it is — but I highly recommend getting a few natural shots in, as well. Give yourself a lifelong reminder of just how simply perfect that little one was … and they might thank you down the road when they need a baby picture for their high school graduation slideshow!

For those special life events and milestones, hiring a professional photographer is a guaranteed way to get beautiful shots that will last a lifetime. Check out budget-friendly Field of Roses Photography packages and book your newborn or infant session today!

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